About Us


Advanced Research Laboratories or ARL is a division of the Department of Physics, serving the dual functions of housing several experimental research groups, as well as being a user facility open to the entire Bilkent campus and beyond.

ARL was founded, circa 1992, as a cleanroom facility focussed on development of semiconductor devices through a grant from the Ministry of Defense. ARL houses 55 m2 of class 100 and 100 m2 of class 10.000 environments equipped to handle most semiconductor-device processes. The ARL cleanroom is open to use by all qualified researchers within Turkey and from abroad.

Over the past decade, ARL has evolved to include laboratories of 4 research groups and has attracted external users from various disciplines, serving a broad range of research activities in applied physics and engineering. The scientific focus of the resident research groups include integrated photonics, quantum electronics, lasers, soft matter physics.

A third function of ARL is to provide training and research experience for undergraduate and early-stage graduate students through undergraduate research initiatives (whereby undergraduate students temporarily join a research group) and graduate-level experimental physics courses.

For further information and to learn how to become a user, please contact us at arl@fen.bilkent.edu.tr.