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Laboratories and Facilities


Cleanroom Facilities

The cleanroom section consists of a 50-m2, class-100 area and a 100-m2, class-10.000 area, equipped with various processing and characterization equipment. In addition, there is a scanning electron microscope and a spectroscopy facility located within the cleanroom.  

Integrated Photonics Laboratory

The Integrated Photonics Laboratory focuses on several topics, ranging from basic physical phenomena to applications of optical materials. Research topics include surface plasmon polariton cavities, photonic integrated optics, superlattice infrared photodetectors and nanocrystal physics and technology. For more information, click here.

Soft Matter Laboratory

Research interests of the Soft Matter Laboratory focuses primarily on statistical physics, soft matter, optical manipulation, and stochastic phenomena, including both experimental and theoretical aspects. Other interests include plasmonics, Raman spectroscopy, biophotonics, cylindrical vector beams, and fiber optics. For more information, click here.

Quantum Electronics Laboratory

Research interests of the Quantum Electronics Laboratory include understanding and engineering electronic and optical properties of emerging quantum materials, multidisciplinary system-level approaches to building integrated hybrid systems and integration of nano-electronics with microfluidic systems, integrated optics/plasmonics systems, and macro-electronic circuits. For more information, click here.

Ultrafast Optics and Lasers Laboratory (UFOLAB)

UFOLAB explores a broad range of topics related to theory, development and applications of lasers, in particular, ultrafast fiber lasers. Current research interests include nonlinear dynamics of mode-locked lasers, high-power amplifiers, non-thermal laser processing of various materials and tissue, frequency metrology. For more information, click here.