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Rules and Safety


Security Seminar Presentations

Güvenlik Semineri (TURKISH, MS Powerpoint, PPT)

Safety Seminar (ENGLISH, MS Powerpoint, PPTX)


In order to use cleanroom facilities, you have to attend an annual safety seminar. Contact Murat Güre for your position in the next seminar.

In case of emergency, the primary contact number from any campus phone is 6666. For more detailed information, see here.

Major Equipment List

Process lab:

  1. Box Coater
  2. Reactive Ion Etcher (RIE)
  3. Rapid Thermal Annealer (RTP)
  4. Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapour Deposition Systems (PECVDs)
  5. Surface Profiler (DEKTAK)
  6. Ellipsometer
  7. Ovens

Photolithography Lab:

  1. Mask Aligner System
  2. Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)
  3. Metallurgical Microscope

Characterization Lab:

  1. Ultra High Vacuum System
  2. Wire Bonder
  3. Network Analiser
  4. Excimer Laser
  5. Probe Station
  6. Monochrometer

Spectroscopy Lab:

  1. Ar Laser
  2. Monochrometer
  3. Photomultiplier
  4. Low Temparature Cryostat
  5. Optical Wave Guide Testing Set-Up

Contact superusers for supervision and training.