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Opening the system


  • WARNING: RTP system should not be opened together with PECVD and RIE systems.
  • Check the forming gas (5 % H 2, 95% N 2) tank pressure inside the gas room. If the cylinder pressure is below 500psi warn Murat G üre.
  • Open the forming gas valve.
  • Open the RTP nitrogen valve on the rear panel of RTP system.


  • Open the computer if it is closed, change the directory to AG, run PCAT.
  • Open the air valve, on the right of RTP, about 45 0 angle, downwards.
  • Type 'E' on the menu and see the temperature of the oven. If it is above 100 0C wait for cooling.


  • Open the oven chamber CAREFULLY, place your samples and close.
  • Open the green N 2 valve on the panel behind RTP, for 20 sec. Adjust the flow rate around 5 on the flowmeter of RTP (This is for purging the chamber).
  • Close N 2 valve.
  • Open blue forming gas valve, next to the nitrogen valve, adjust the flow rate between 5 and 6 on the flowmeter.
  • Switch the power on and press auto.
  • Type 'R' to choose a recipe, and type 'E' for executing the recipe (For editing the recipes the password is AGA).
  • Check both I cold and I warm are locked.
  • Run the recipe, watch out the temperature both on the screen and on the display of RTP. If the temperature is out of control, abort the program, power off RTP, press manual and report to Murat G üre.
  • When the process is finished, abort the program, power off, and press manual.
  • Decrease flow rate to 3.
  • At 250 oC, close the forming gas valve, open the nitrogen valve for 30 sec., adjust the flow rate around 5.
  • Close the nitrogen valve.
  • When the temperature drops to 150C open the oven chamber CAREFULLY.
  • Either continue processing, or shut down the system as described below.

Closing the system


  • Be sure that the power is off, and manual is pressed.
  • At 90C close the air valve, DO NOT close the computer before this.
  • Exit program.


  • Close the forming gas and nitrogen valve.